executive selection is at the heart of what we do


While executive selection is at the heart of what we do, we offer a range of services that aim to reflect the unique nature of each and every assignment.

Executive Selection is the core of our business. Beginning with an exhaustive research process, we screen and interview candidates to create a short-list of only the most exceptional candidates which we then present to you.

Selective Introductions can be an extremely productive way of filling certain types of positions. Because of our reputation we are regularly approached by senior figures wanting to explore new career opportunities. Using our knowledge and our network of contacts, we are able to effect the right introductions to the right people.

Succession Planning is increasingly seen as a key factor in business continuity. The lack of second tier management able to step into the shoes of its senior colleagues can hamper a business’s attempts to seek investment or a buyer. By working closely with a business’s senior team, we can provide genuine solutions to the challenges of succession planning.

Market Research is one of our primary methods for understanding the markets and people we work with. From a comprehensive analysis of competitors, to benchmarking salaries and skills, to mapping a regional market, we can help with all your market research needs.



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